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Transparent Engagement

As a school dedicated to solving real world public problems, we recognize the strong value of faculty engagement with public and private actors outside of HKS. The school seeks to advance and strengthen our connections to the world of practice in both its scholarship and teaching. We will continue to promote and support these activities as appropriate.

At the same time, as a school dedicated to advancing the public interest, the reputations of individual faculty members, the School, the University, and the credibility of our work itself can be damaged by potential conflicts of interest. To address this, the University and the School have adopted a set of disclosure and conflict of interest policies. Such policies aim to balance the value of involvement with the real world actors we seek to understand, the legitimate desire of the public for transparency, and the autonomy and privacy interests of individual members of the faculty. A simple summary of our goal is "transparent engagement."

This website is one of many tools available to HKS faculty to facilitate public disclosure of their outside professional activities.

Outside Professional Activities For Linda Bilmes

1. Organization Name:

 US Department of Defense, Joint Task Force, National Capital Region - Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,  (IAP)

Sector:  National Military Medicine - providing medical care to wounded warriors and service members and families

Specific Role:  Writing a case study on the consolidation of Walter Reed National Army Hospital and Bethesda Naval Hospital (historical consultant)

Dates of relationship:  Beginning May 2012 through present

2. NAME: 

US Department of Interior National Parks Service Advisory Board

SECTOR:  US Federal Government

Specific Role:  Serve on 12-person official advisory board to the US National Parks Service (appointed to consecutive 4-year term by the US Secretary of the Interior)

Dates:  2010 -present

3. NAME:  US Department of Labor  Advisory Committee on Veterans Training, Employment and Outreach

Sector:  US Federal government, veterans

Specific role:  Serve on advisory committee to US Department of Labor Office of Veterans Affairs, related to employment and training for military veterans (appointed by Secretary of Labor)

Dates:  2011 -present


  • Turner Foundation (PI on grant for national parks research)
  • Bechtel Foundation (PI on grant for national parks research)
  • National Parks Foundation (PI on grant for national parks research)
  • Oxford University Blavatnik School of Government  (teaching a course)
  • Brookings Institution (book royalties)
  • Norton Publishers (book royalties)
  • Boston Globe (regular contributor)
  • Cognoscenti (WBUR) regular contributor


I am involved in an advisory capacity or board member of the following organizations:

  • Economists for Peace and Security (board member)
  • City of Newton, MA (advisor)
  • City of Boston (advisor)
  • City of Somerville, MA (advisor) 
  • Commission on Devolution in Wales (advisor)
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs (advisory committee on policy)
  • LAM Foundation (charity)
  • National Academy of Public Administration
  • Council on Foreign Relations 







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